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DI$COUNT UNIVER$E have always worked within the parameters of their own vision, image and identity. Launched in Melbourne in 2010 by designers Nadia Napreychikov and Cami James after their blog attracted a cult following for bold ideas and fashion forward theories, ‘DI$COUNT UNIVER$E’ attributes one of their original quotes as the backbone for their brand that has become an ‘international phenomenon’ ( DI$COUNT UNIVER$E is a brand, an idea, an image, a dialogue, a strategy, a transformation, a design, a blog, a motion picture, a label, a personality, a website, a quote, a garment, an emotion and an evolution. DI$COUNT UNIVER$E is whatever we are doing at the time.’  DU 2009

DI$COUNT UNIVER$E does not align itself with the traditional fashion seasons rather it takes itself as seriously as the fashion system takes its consumer. DI$COUNT UNIVER$E mirrors how the web operates as a system, releasing small, erratic collections, sometimes even of one, or no garments. The evolution of the online consumer has superseded the industries pace; with the evolution of the web and democratisation of citizen journalism, in the form of the blog and social media, the system is outdated. DI$COUNT UNIVER$Erecognises that the virtual consumer greatly differs to the traditional fashion consumer, and provides an outlet to satisfy these buying trends. DU pieces are produced to align with consumer spending patterns rather than a superfluous system that doesn’t make sense for the new breed of consumer.
‘DI$COUNT operates on the assumption that in the post-modern world, nothing is new, and re-appropriation is vital to an honest and transparent approach to design. Through this subversion of, and fucking with the fashion system, the DI$COUNT designer’s output is steeped in humor and irony, cliché and imitation.’ Nadia Napreychikov and Cami James wrote in their 2009 brand manifesto.
'Anyone can recognise a strong voice, in or out of the industry… the onslaught of bejewelled and bedazzled embellishment touching on punk, glam rock, cyber rave, mermaids, dominatrixes and showgirls. It's the entire deliverance of what they do – blog, ideas, exchange, comments, Instagram, e-shop – that makes DI$COUNT UNIVER$E a unique entity.'  Susie Bubble, UK



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